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Piper’s Cafe ~ Top 10 Facts

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Piper’s Café, owned by partners Charles Killian and Chip Adkins have been a feature stop on our original Mainstrasse Village Food Tour since March 2016.

At the conclusion of every Mainstrasse Village Food Tour, I poll our guests, “What was your favorite tasting on the food tour?” Piper’s Cafe is always a favorite!
“I really liked the first tasting we had at Piper’s. The chili dog was a surprise.”
“I didn’t think I’d like goetta. I never heard of goetta. It was great!”
“I like the atmosphere. It was nice of the owner to spend so much time with us.”
“I would go back for the soft serve. I cant believe they have 65 flavors.”

Pipers Café is located at the west end of 6th street and tucked next to a beautiful courtyard with two big maple trees that serve as an outdoor dining room.
Many who drive by assume it’s just an ice cream shop.

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To set the record straight, here are 10 facts you may not know about Piper’s Café:

1. Piper’s has 2 dining rooms: one downstairs and one upstairs.
2. Piper’s offers home delivery using a couple different courier services.
3. Piper’s serves breakfast all day.
4. Piper’s caters to vegetarians, gluten and lactose intolerant individuals.
5. Piper’s locally sources as many items as possible and proudly displays the Kentucky Proud logo on their menu
6. Pipers use whole foods like real potatoes for their fries and fresh ingredients for their homemade soups and salads.
7. Pipers have a line of frozen “adult” milkshakes created with alcohol.
8. Piper’s bread and buns are made at Bean Haus Bakery right around the corner.
9. Piper’s name comes from the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, depicted in the glockenspiel across the street.
10. Charles and Chip donate countless hours of their time to the Mainstrasse Community through overseeing and funding the ongoing maintenance of the Julian Carroll Clock Tower and chairing the many festivals that are held in the village.

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Piper’s Cafe is located at 520 W 6th St, Covington, KY 41011. Phone: 859-291-7287.

Riverside Food Tours offer 5 different 3 hour Food and Culture tours throughout Covington and downtown Cincinnati 6 days a week.
For more information: call 513-289-0035. Tickets are sold through the website.
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By Laura Noyes, Owner of Riverside Food Tours, September 11, 2017.