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a man eating a donut

Nothing is more stressful than shopping for the perfect gift.
How do you pick the right gift for the woman in your life? You play detective.

Clothing ~ Please choose the right size or this gift will backfire.
Clue: Look at the statements each month. Where does she shop? You’ll see the same stores over and over again. Next, go to her closet. What items does she wear the most? What size? What color? What brand? You’ll see the pattern.

Jewelry ~ Jewelry stores love to guilt you into buying jewelry. But not every woman gets excited over jewelry.
Clue: Does she wear a lot of jewelry every day? Does she like silver or gold? Is she more sporty or glamorous? Notice the pieces she wears day in and day out. That’s what she likes.

Flowers ~ Flowers are foolproof right? Not necessarily.
Clue: Does she buy flowers for friends and family? Is she romantic or practical? A dozen roses that will fade away might strike her as a waste of $75.00.

Candy ~ Who doesn’t like chocolate right?
Clue: Is she health conscious? Does she go to the gym? Is she in a weight loss program? Has she recently lost weight? If so, presenting her with a 2 pound box of chocolates may look like an act of sabotage rather than a gift of love.

Dinner out ~ Choose a place you know she’ll like even though it might not be your favorite.
Clue: Has she mentioned any new restaurants lately? Is there one restaurant that you know is her “go to” place? What restaurant brings fond memories?
Valentine’s Day is hump day this year – no pun intended. My advice is to set a future date for this special dinner. It gives your gal something to look forward to!

Quality Time Together ~ Leave your worries behind and enjoy each other. Let us take care of the rest!
Clue: Book our Wine and Dine in Over the Rhine Food and Culture tour. Enjoy a guided culinary and historical walk through Cincinnati’s newest hip and vibrant neighborhood. Enjoy dining at four unique restaurants and visit a new urban winery.

By: Laura Noyes, owner of Riverside Food Tours, Cincinnati, Ohio