Riverside Food Tours Featured In
"Long Weekends Magazine"




Riverside Food Tours Featured In
"Cincinnati Magazine"





Riverside Food Tours Featured In
"Only In Your State"

Enjoy The Best Food Tours In Cincinnati And Taste What Our City Has To Offer




Riverside Food Tours in Cincinnati Magazine




12 Terrific Things About Riverside Food Tours


My birthday is coming up (June 10!) and this year it falls on a Saturday, so I'm trying to think of a big fun outing I can do with a bunch of friends! I've been doing a lot of research on different tours that we could do, and one that kept popping up was Riverside Food Tours. It has awesome ratings, and people rave about it on all the sites after they do it! There were a few things that stuck out as making them different from the rest. So, since I already did the research for myself I decided to share on the blog in case someone else out there is looking and I can save them some time! I'll be sure to update after we take a tour, but for now, here's the list of 12 things that sealed the deal on Riverside Food Tours as being the best one to go with!


The Best Way To Taste The Queen City Is On A Streetcar Food Tour

Tours are great for:

  • Entertaining out-of-towners
  • Locals who don’t know where cool stuff is
  • People who enjoy letting someone else drive their afternoon for once

And this may be just me, but tours are even better when you don’t have to drive at all. Thankfully, there’s a tour that hungry, anti-car people like myself will surely enjoy.

Introducing: the Cincinnati Streetcar Food Tour.






Laura Noyes Appears on Channel 9 News


To watch the YouTube video, click HERE.



Riverside Food Tours: A Delicious Stroll Through History

There’s something to be said for playing tourist in your own town, even when you’ve lived in that town your entire life. Recently, my husband and I were given the opportunity to explore MainStrasse Village in Covington, but this wasn’t just any old walking tour – oh no. This tour was a culinary stroll through the charming village of MainStrasse, as well as through history. Read More...





First Stop for New Local Food Tour Group is Covington

Harrison, Ohio residents, Mike and Laura Noyes, came up with the idea of giving food tours in the Greater Cincinnati area after taking their first food tour in Newport, Rhode Island this past fall.

“We loved the idea of traveling to a new city and touring the neighborhood while trying out local restaurants at the same time. So off we went to Chicago to learn the food tour business.” Laura Noyes said.  Read More...





soapbox cincinnati

Saturday Tours to Highlight Foodie Options in MainStrasse Village


Riverside Food Tours will take guests on an edible, drinkable and historical trek through MainStrasse Village in Covington starting April 2. Mike and Laura Noyes came up with the idea after taking a trip in September to Newport, R.I., where they decided a food tour was the best way to see a new city while also sampling local cuisine.Read More...



Harrison Resident Starts Food Tour in Covington

If you’re into sightseeing, call yourself a foodie and like to drink craft beer, there’s a new food tour in the historic German district of Covington, Kentucky that may peek your interest.
Harrison resident and entrepreneur Laura Noyes has created a food tour in MainStrasse Village, which brings food enthusiasts to six different restaurants and offers a sightseeing tour that points out historical, architectural and cultural elements in the charming neighborhood. Read More...










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