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Visiting Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky? See the Top 10 Reasons You Should Book A Food Tour During Your Stay

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Written By: Laura Noyes December 2016

1. You get a personal, small group tour with a local foodie who gives you an insider’s view of the city.  Got questions? Just ask.

2. You visit and taste the food where the locals dine. On a food tour, you slip into restaurants that you may have never found on your own. 

3. You visit a number of restaurants who feature their best dishes. Many are regional dishes you may have never heard of. You embark on a culinary adventure.

4. You get a glimpse behind the scenes. At many stops, you meet the owner and hear their stories.

5. You see beautiful architecture and learn the history. You feel a personal connection to the neighborhood. You’re no longer a stranger to the city.

6. You discover restaurants that you may want to return to.

7.You meet other tourists and locals. You can swap stories, travel tips and observations.

8. You feel safe. Venturing into an unfamiliar neighborhood can be intimidating. On a food tour, you’re not alone.  Food tours are great activities for solo travelers.

9. You get a two for one tour. Sightseeing tours are nice, but why not combine sightseeing and eating? Save time and money!

10. You get a great value for your money on a food tour. Where else can you find a 3 hour tour that provides a personal guide, tour of the neighborhood/city, dine at privately owned restaurants, group fun and camaraderie plus enough food to leave you satisfied for several hours! I’ve never left a  food tour hungry!


Visiting the Cincinnati, Ohio or the Northern Kentucky area? 

We invite you to join us on a Riverside Food Tour.  We host multiple tours during the week. 

Visit: or call Laura at 513-289-0035

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