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By Laura Noyes, Owner of Riverside Food Tours, March 6, 2017.

We have a son who lives in New York City, so we love to explore the area around the Hudson River Valley.  One of my colleagues, Amy Koren Roth, is owner of Taste of Troy Food Tours in Troy, NY. 

Since Food Tours are so wildly popular, I wanted to learn more about her food tours and Troy, NY.  Amy said Troy, which just celebrated its bicentennial in 2016, has been referred to as the New Brooklyn and the Silicone Valley of the 19th Century.

Below is more information about the area and her food tour:

Tell us about yourself and your food tour.

My name is Amy Koren-Roth. I am the Founder and Forever Foodie of Taste of Troy Food Tours LLC, a Women-Owned Business. We are a food tour company in Upstate New York that focuses on Troy – a 200 year old city that is experiencing a vibrant revival!

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Our Central Troy Historic District Food Tour has been simmering in my mind since 2013. I am a registered dietitian/nutritionist, who has worked in public health for  26+ years and want to continue my involvement with food in a new way. 

I wanted to combine my passions: food, travel and history, and share them with others. I was inspired by the more than 17 food tours I have taken around the country!

Food Tours combine sightseeing and a meal into one delicious experience. Many of our guests have indicated in their 5 star reviews that this tour has helped them to see Troy in a new light and consider it a destination now!

When did you start your business?

Our first tour was in May 2016. I can’t believe that I am gearing up for my second season already.   Taste of Troy Food Tours, currently offers a Saturday tour every week, from May through October. The tour meets in the heart of Troy’s Central Historic District at 10 am and lasts for 3 hours. 

Tell us about your city and what made you start a food tour there.

Troy just celebrated its bicentennial in 2016 and has been called the New Brooklyn and the Silicone Valley of the 19th Century. In the mid-1800’s, it was the fourth wealthiest city per capita in the United States.

Located on the East Shore of the Hudson River, it is the northern-most navigable point of the Hudson. The City has preserved many of the historic facades from the 19th Century and its layout is ideal for a walking food tour.

Some of the sites to enjoy are:

  • The 18 year old, year round Farmers’ Market -the number one draw to Troy’s vibrant Central Historic District.
  • Brown’s Brewing Company, located in the North River Street Historic District in 1993 and the first craft brewery in NY’s Capital District.
  • Troy is very close to the Berkshire’s, an easy day trip for those who summer in Massachusetts.

What makes your food tour different and unique?

We are the only food tour in Troy, Albany and Schenectady. Our tour is the only tour to combine great food tastes, with history, architecture and culture!

Our tour is timed to allow our guests time to shop and explore the amazing Troy Waterfront Farmers’ Market too.

All of our vendors are local businesses.  Three are women chefs and all of them support locally grown suppliers.

What type of food do we get to try?

We start with hand rolled bagels and store salt cured lox from the Capital Region Living.  Next we visit a tea shop to learn about tea and other infusions. Then we are offered a salad and a riff on a Reuben Sandwich by one of our award winning female chefs.  Next we taste two craft beer flights, paired with Buffalo cauliflower bites, from the first craft brewer in the Capital Region. New this season we have a sweet ending with local donuts made with a secret ingredient . Our guests report being comfortably full by the end of the tour and alternate offerings are available for specific dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian and gluten free.)

Each taste stop is spaced with insights on Troy’s architecture, culture and history. Tastings may vary from tour to tour, but we guarantee you will have some favorites and be satisfied with the offerings.

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